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A logo is a visual representation that helps the company, product or service be identified right away. Through typographic and/or iconic elements, the logo works as a communication channel between the product and the public.

One of the key roles of a logo is looking for a device called positioning that consists of embedding an image in the minds of the public. This process of embedding the sign is done through one of the major spaces within the globalised world: the media.

One of the benefits of the logo is that it targets a visual communication. Image has become very important in today’s world. As the concept of time speeds up, it becomes necessary to build images that convey information rapidly and clearly. A company that does not take into account these elements shows a lack of adaptation to market demands.

Nowadays, the economic system stimulates the coexistence of a great amount of brands competing in the market. Each one needs, on the one hand, to be recognized instantly by the public, and on the other hand, to be different from the rest of its competitors. This is why they resort to the creation of a logo of their own.

All the companies, the news ones and the ones that have a long tradition in the market, know which are the key traits for their development. One of them is having a strong corporate identity. What is a corporate identity? It is the image built by a company in order to define its own characteristics and values. In the creation of this image, the logo plays a key role.

The creation of a logo has to be careful, given that it must truly depict a product or the company it represents. It should be remembered that the logo plays the basic role of conveying, through a sign, all the information that a company is willing to provide. The advantage of a logo is that it embraces all the information in only one element conveying it immediately and efficiently.

Another advantage of the logo is its internationalization. In the globalize world, borders between countries tend to fade. A product starts being distributed locally and then broadens its target market and begins to branch out to new countries. Through the graphic language, the logo can be understood simultaneously by groups speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures.

In designing a logo various aspects must be taken into consideration. One of the most important is the material in which it will be placed. A logo thought to print advertising elements like brochures, leaflets and postcards, is different from a logo thought to be included in a Web page. A logo thought to be printed on paper, either letters, cards or invoices is different from a logo thought to be printed on cloth, such as employees uniforms.

The logo design must additionally consider that each of the elements within it make the image that a company builds for herself and that consumers will make of it. the typographies, colors and image and words layout are essential details in the choice of a logo. The designer will make use of the information provided by the company, his knowledge and creativity in doing an effective job.

The logo not only helps identify a product easily it also lends credibility.

If a brand has a logo, it will pose a guaranty for the security of consumers. It conveys an image of commitment that helps stimulate confidence of the target market addressed by every company.

Acknowledging a logo as an indispensable element in the development of your company is understanding the way in which it may compete within the market it belongs to.

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