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The application of logos is not reduced to big companies, rather, nowadays many small companies within the market choose a logo to tell them apart.

When a company launches into the market, the first thing it wants is to be known. The logo has a chief role in this process, given that it conveys the information willing to be transmitted. Therefore, its purpose is that of being a mediator between products and consumers.

The logo is not only used to afford the company consumers’ recognition. It also generates a sense of reliability and credibility. Therefore, it is indispensable for a small new company to create a logo affording her soundness before prospect clients.

Generally, big companies have the necessity to strengthen some aspects of their corporate image. The increasing launch into the market of many brands seems to push out elder brands.

The creation or modification (in some cases) of a logo is very helpful in rebuilding a diminished identity.

In the logo creation process it is essential to clearly define in advance which are the values willing to be conveyed. New companies will have those values created from scratch. Companies that have a long tradition in the market will either keep those values or modify them. It is not convenient for the image of the company to change its features radically. Though some of them may be willing to be reorganized, set the difference with competitors or simply be updated. In those cases the adaptation of the image to new values is essential.

It is important to understand that commercial companies are not the only ones entitled to a logo. Every group offering a service needs to build an image and be recognized as from it. . This is the case of , for instance, public entities, clubs, hospitals and foundations. Therefore it is important to take into account that the role of the logo is not only linked to a commercial aspect, it is also very useful whenever the organization wills to communicate in a clear and immediate way with a group of addressees.

The image is a very important element for the publicity of any product or service. Consequently, it is vital for companies to take into consideration the concepts of positioning and corporate identity. In both concepts the logo plays a key part.

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