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The logo is part of a type of communication that has as a distinctive feature being done visually. Therefore, it is helpful to know some data about the symbol and thus, be able to understand the importance of the logo in nowadays world.

The word symbol is a way of expressing an abstract idea outwardly in a concrete way. Within a particular group, the symbol acquires a conventional meaning that all its participants must know in order to communicate smoothly.

Since ancient times, ideas are conveyed visually. Such is the case of the Greek people, from where our alphabet stems, who placed symbols in lines and thus created codes to exchange messages.

The symbol represents the rendering of the visual perspective, such as pictograms or shapes, into abstract codes. This is why they are a key moment within the long process of the evolution of human communication.

Although symbols play a key role within pre literate ancient cultures, they are very important nowadays, as well. In the technological system of the globalized world visual stimuli play a key role, given that during the last decades the concept of time has been changed. The acceleration of the concept of time created the necessity of transmitting information immediately. This acceleration, in turn, demanded the presence of many visual elements. The advantage visual communication has nowadays is that if it is efficiently developed it makes quick and simple interchange possible.

The use of typographies in the logo design also comes from ancient times. Typographies are systematized into two groups: with and without serif .

Typographies with serif appeared in ancient peoples, out of the necessity to set straight letter outlines. When words were carved into stone, it was difficult for them not to move. The technique that originated was the accentuation of letter’s crossed lines, so as to get a neat termination.

Typographies without serif, on the other hand, do not take serif and are used chiefly in short printed texts given that it is quite illegible.

When designing a logo it is necessary to bear in mind that each element composing it plays a key role. The embedding of the image in the minds of consumers is determined by colors, typography and the layout of words and pictures. Symbols and typographic characters have been modified throughout history. However, when it comes to designing a logo, their role is still conclusive.

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