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Logos are representations that convey information visually. However, not all of them work out in the same way. Below, we will show you three types of existing logos and we will illustrate them with some samples.

Logotypes are a variety of logos characterized by conveying information only by means of typographies. This is the case of, for instance, Coca Cola, that does not resort to any other item besides typographic elements.

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Another variety is that composed merely of pictures.This type of logo is called isotype.

The presence of an iconic element relates the image with the brand it represents. This is the case of Nike, for instance.

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The third type of existing logo is the isologotype. Its distinctive feature is the possibility of combining iconic elements with typography. A brand employing isologotype is Shell, for instance.

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Colors cause different effects in the spectators sensitivity just as geometric shapes do. It is not the same to create a logo with squared shapes than a logo with rounded or even triangular shapes.

Each element constituting the graphic sign is conclusive in attaining an efficient result. Below, we will see which are the visual effects each shape produces on the logo.

The chief characteristic of the square is its right and pair sides. Its structure generates an instant feeling of stability. However, this shape may not be laying on one of its sides; it could be leaning on one of them. In such case, effects vary. A square leaning onto the left gives a falling sensation, while a square leaning onto the right suggests an upward movement.

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With the circle something similar happens. If placed on its own, without being surrounded by other elements, it generates a feeling of abstraction and rationality. However, in general, design does not make use of pure shapes, rather, it combines different elements and in different positions. It should be mentioned that geometric shapes

convey particular sensations, but they depend on the way they are laid out in the graphic space.

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The triangle has its three sides as its distinctive feature. This makes it possible to play with the length and position of each of them, thus producing different effects. If the three sides are equal, but the triangle is upside down, the feeling will be that of decline. If the left side is longer and the shape is placed in the ordinary position, the effect will be that of growth.

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These geometric possibilities make us think of the importance of shapes with respect to the meanings willing to be conveyed. Therefore, each detail is of the utmost importance in achieving an effective embedding of the logo in the minds of consumers.

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