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The creation moment of the logo is very important. In it the traits characterizing the public image of your business, product or company are defined. Therefore, it is essential to know which aspects to take into consideration for the chosen logo to be functional to the corporate identity sought.

Each logo is created according to the particular requisites of each product. However, there are some general criteria needed when creating a design piece.

One of the key issues when designing a logo is attractiveness. It is well known that any object moving around the media must be visually attractive. Therefore, field studies are frequently done in order to know the ways in which the visual perception of the public changes. If a logo is not attractive it is not effective either.

On the other hand, we should bear in mind that the logo depicts the values of the company. Consequently, each of the elements chosen (colors, typography, visual layout of the composing elements) must be coherent with the product represented.

The design of a graphic piece is sought to be incorporated to the corporate image of the company and it is meant to be long lasting.

No brand would want its identity to be subject to changes in fashion.

Therefore, for the logo to last throughout time, it should have classic elements making durability possible.

On the other hand, the logo can not be created with a criterion different from that of its name. There are several cases of really attractive graphic pieces and very efficient brand names that do not work successfully together. Both the image and the name must be coherent and generate a uniform idea and feeling. If this is not so, the logo may not be successful.

Being quickly recognized by the public is another indispensable element. The aim is to build a direct relationship between the brand and the graphic piece. Therefore, simplicity is an indispensable aspect in the creation of a logo. A complex and over elaborate logo makes embedding in the minds of consumers difficult. The simplest the logo, the more effective for your product.

The design criterion must not only take the public into consideration but also competitive brands. If the logo of your company is similar to an already existing one, it will run the risk of being confused or forgotten. The more particular the logo, the greater the chances to be identified with the brand it represents.

It is also important to think of the handiness of the logo. In general, graphic pieces are not applied in only one place, rather, they change resources according to needs. Therefore, the logo must be easily adaptable to different resources, either audiovisual, such as TV, graphic, such as a brochure, or visual, such as a Web page.

The logo plays a key role in the process of positioning a company in the market into which it is launched or repositioned. Consequently, it is very important for you to take into account the criteria needed for the graphic piece created to be really efficient.

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