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The logo is a visual representation that portrays the image of a product and transmits it to the public. Therefore, during the creation process it is necessary to take into account those who participate in said communication.

The first step in creating a logo is for the company to clearly define the information that she is willing to convey. This information must always consider a basic element: the target market, that is to say, the public addressed with the product.

Each target market bears its own features and requires different ways of communication. Therefore, de adaptation of the logo to the public addressed is very important. The adaptation comprises several aspects that are necessary to understand in order to create an effective logo.

One of the chief aspects in adaptation is language use. When we talk about graphic language we are not referring to the meaning of words, we rather refer to the effects of colors, typography, image layout and other similar elements on the mind and sensitivity of spectators. Each social group, according to age, social status, geographic zone it lives in, etc., requires a different language use. This is why taking into account the features inherent to the target market and adapting to them is essential for the creation of an effective graphic sign.

Another basic aspect for the adaptation is the means in which the logo will circulate. A graphic sign may be coupled with a slogan or stand alone. It may appear on TV and be coupled with auditory elements. It may be placed in fixed places, such as billboards or it may be placed in mobile resources such as the company’s employees uniforms. It may circulate in the inner stationery of an office or be displayed publicly on the streets. Each variable stands for a particular objective. Therefore, adapting to the means in which it will circulate is extremely important in the creation process of a logo.

An attractive logo that does not suit the addressee losses efficiency. The concept of adaptation has to do with taking into consideration the relationship between logo and public. In other words, the relationship between the company and consumers. This is why, for a logo to be adequate it must be created based on a research done into the features inherent to the target market. If a logo is adequate, the message conveyed will be understood immediately and effectively by the public addressed.

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