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The logo is key to strengthen the public image of any service, product or company. Therefore, the process of creation of the graphic sign to be used is very important in achieving a strong corporate identity.

The graphic designer is one of the protagonists in the creation process. However, a designer that works professionally is well aware that his role is that of intermediary between product and consumers. His role consist of, on the one hand, decoding the values the company hiring him wants to convey through the logo. On the other hand, making use of his knowledge and all the necessary tools that will allow him to convey the message to the addressees.

The chief objective of the designer when designing a logo is that it conveys visually that information that the company is willing to transmit. Each of the elements constituting the logo is important. The typography, the colors, the combination of words and pictures, the size are features that generate diverse visual impressions. In a field study, for instance, we can look into how each shade of color has a different impact on the senses of the spectator and, in turn, how each combination modifies completely those impressions, depending on the color layout.

A professional designer must take into consideration the different visual aspects of the future logo.

One of the chief aims of the process is to achieve market position. This mechanism consist of embedding the graph in the minds of the public. Trough the repetitive appearance of the same image, the logo can shoot the visual memory, and generate an association between the brand and the sign an therefore obtain a quick and efficient recognition.

The creation process begins when the client defines the information to convey through the graphic piece. Once this information I narrowed down, the designer will be in charge of interpreting and rendering it into

visual representations. Many times, once the logo is created, design teams begin to build the corporate identity manual. This manual contains the different uses and applications the piece may have. It should be remembered that each element of the sign must take into consideration the materials and the means in which the logo will circulate. A logo created for a graphic advertisement is different from a logo created for an audiovisual advertisement.

There are different devices design teams use in working on a logo. Some prefer to work with the brain storming technique. After producing the first sketches on paper designers define the sign desired. Other professionals work with the abstract idea and once it is worked out they pass onto the image. Each designer works with his own techniques, always taking into account the needs of the client hiring his services.

The process of creation of the graphic piece is a key moment in order to achieve the result expected. If the decisions taken during said period are correct, then the success of the logo will be almost guaranteed.

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