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These three elements are very important in today’s world, given that they make fast and effective international communication possible. Through the corporate identity they define, the public can get to know the values of the products it consumes.

Trade marks began to be used during mid XIX century, with the intense development of production devices. However, its boom began in the last decades of the XX century, where market globalization required the competitive presence of countless products.

The first brands, first became useful for trade groups. This situation changed throughout time. Nowadays, not only trade businesses require brands to be identified but also non trade organizations. This is the case, for instance, of hospitals, clubs, foundations and public entities.

Icons are representations that stand in for concepts. As they embrace a lot of information and take up little space they are very useful for different positions.

One of them is the program interface.

Icons are placed there in order to identify files and folders within programs such as Windows and Mac. Another frequent location is in Web pages and documents. There they either serve as illustrations or make recognition of some sections possible.

The logotype is a variation of the logo that takes only letters. Although it targets visual communications, it does so only through a typographic image. Many times this logo combines with iconic images and constitutes what is called isologotypes.

In order to understand the importance of icons, brands and logotypes nowadays, it is necessary to think of how the market works. Given the internationalization, speed and constant increase of competence, a product needs to target a type of visual transmission in order to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with consumers.

Each of the three elements bears a radical importance in nowadays world, given that they define the direct link between the image and the brand.

Therefore, positioning is a vital aspect for any product or service aiming to remain within the competitive market circuit.

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